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A playful, sensual, no-nonsense Mistress, I take true delight in controlling your passage into the magical space which lies beyond the mundane. I am earthy but ethereal, carnal yet supremely innocent, a natural dominant and sadist who practises pain with charming and disarming intimacy, deadly serious and quick to laugh.

I have been a Resident Mistress at the House du Croix in Bristol and trained at the London Dominatrix School. I now live and work in the Forest of Dean, as well as Bristol.

Intrigued by the forbidden and the hidden, I am passionate in my pursuit of knowledge and fearless in my exploration of the shadow sides of the human psyche, both mine and yours. The quest for freedom and liberation informs every one of my life choices. As a result, I am blessed to live an extraordinary life, not least in my work as a professional dominatrix.

I look forward to our journey into the transgressive and the transformative.

How To Approach Me

Keep introductory emails to a maximum of 150 words. I require your name,

experience if you have any, likes, dislikes (but will endure for my pleasure), and hard limits.

Or you can just ring me.

New to BDSM? Do your research before contacting me. Decide what excites you, what you are willing to try to please me, and what you definitely do not want done to you.

I practice Safe, Sane and Consensual domination. I do not offer Total Power Exchange.

You will be given a safe word.

Please go to Tribute page for contact details.

Kinky Regards,

Mistress Silver

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